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The HR Dept. was created to provide Small and Medium Companies in Gibraltar access to a level of HR support that they would not normally be able to afford on a full time basis.

The idea of The HR Dept. came about with the small business Owner or MD in mind. We are aware of the basic fact that employee issues have a profound impact on the bottom line of any business. We can help you manage that impact in a way that is favourable for your company.

We have a range of experience in providing HR services to both large blue-chip and smaller owner-manager businesses within various industries including Finance, Transport, Retail, R & D and Engineering.

We have experience of working closely with small to medium sized businesses to aid in their development and growth using practical HR tools which has resulted in us really understanding the priorities and values of owner managers.

Who are the HR Dept?

Sylvia Kenna

Sylvia Kenna has considerable experience as a HR Professional and is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Certified workplace mediator and former Vice Chair of the CIPD branch committee, she has extensive human resources, commercial, and financial experience and her career has spanned the armed forces, the aviation industry, research & development and the financial sector.

Her focus is on delivering expertise to promote best practice and she is a strong advocate of the need to continually develop human resources as part of a successful commercial business strategy. She uses lateral thinking with excellent problem solving skills to achieve results.

Sylvia started her career in the Royal Air Force in a role similar to Air Traffic Controller where she learned to assess situations rapidly and plan for every contingency. Moving into civilian life and roles in the aviation industry, she dealt with the challenges facing airline companies during and after the crisis of 9/11. Branching out into interim work has given Sylvia the opportunity to work with larger global companies and learn best practice in financially successful organisations.

This is the range of expertise she brings to Small and Medium Companies in Gibraltar. A summary of her key skills are:

Lead HR projects, such as policy reviews, legislative updates etc. to comply with best practice guidelines and current employment legislation.

Interpret relevant legislation and advise on HR best practice in the UK and Gibraltar.

Coach and mentor managers on people management and organisational change issues including performance management, workforce planning, reward and recognition and team development.

Act as mediator to resolve workplace conflict improving working relationships in a cost effective way.

Design and deliver training aimed at developing self awareness to aid leadership development and promote team working.

Advise on recruitment and selection processes and design testing materials for assessment centres.

Manage the human resource function within multi-cultural organisations using pragmatic HR solutions to align with business strategy.

Sylvia likes to be challenged in her spare time and is improving her golf and padel as well as trying to gain a very tiny understanding of quantum physics.

Bev Douglas

Bev Douglas has over 10 years experience as an HR Professional, is a chartered member of the CIPD, and has worked in the mobile telecoms, retail, and finance and accounting industries.

Having started working life in a combined HR admin, payroll and bookkeeping role, Bev’s passion for all things people grew, and her desire to specialise in HR was sealed with an MA in HR Management.

More recently, in HR Directorship roles, Bev has dealt with a variety of HR issues at all levels; from acquisitions and mergers, restructures and business planning, through to individual performance management and employee relations issues.

Bev’s passion is helping the HR function to become a committed, influential and dynamic core business member.

Her key skills are:

Policy and best practice review, implementing changes following updates in legislation, case law and professional body advice

Large HR projects, such as rolling out new systems, workforce planning, restructuring or change management

Training delivery, particularly aimed at upskilling of line managers

Employee relations issues, dealing with both reactive and preventative

Bev enjoys challenging her 5k PB and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to learn basic Spanish.

Leah Carnegie

Leah Carnegie is an active experienced HR practitioner who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Qualified in workplace mediation, a former CIPD branch Committee member and a certified NLP practitioner. During her 15 year plus career her focused areas of business have covered Retail and Financial sectors including blue chip companies, encompassing different roles including mortgage underwriting and operations.

Leah loves inspiring people to see, believe and achieve their full potential. Her creative thinking adds value and creates solid business foundations to enable home grown talent which embeds company strategy and vision from the bottom up.

Leah’s strength lies in her approach which is pragmatic, hands on and flexible. Leah is commercially aware and a champion for efficiency with best practice.

Leah Carnegie can support your business with the following key skills:

Change management, playing a pivotal role in re aligning culture to business strategy and focus.

Restructuring and cost efficiency projects with proven results including redesigning salary and employee benefit models.

Business partnering by delivering quality, cost effective solutions to maximise business through understanding the people. Advising best practice to multi cultural and global business platforms.

Coaching and mentoring senior leaders with people management through performance meetings, development objectives, recruitment and selection and developing training solutions.

Projects outside of HR including

Redesigning and implementing new systems that focus on work to streamline the business processes.

Managing a team of underwriters to deliver customer driven results and minimize risk to the business.

Excellent net worker

Leah believes that the success of any business is determined by the commitment and focus of its people. Business foundations are vital as she says “you cannot build a home on unstable foundations; this should not differ in business.”

Leah’s family are her driving force and motivation. Leah enjoys running and is an avid reader.

Interested in learning more about how The HR Dept. can support your business with employment law and managing HR issues which in turn can support your business to achieve it’s goals? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at hradvice@thehrdept.gi.

We're happy to start a dialogue anywhere, anytime.